Medical equipment made of stainless steel

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MP Elektra: medical equipment made of stainless steel

Welcome to the MP Elektra web page. Here you will find complete information on our products and prices.


MP Elektra company is in the business for over 20 years. We produce and sell high quality medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary equipment. Our client base grows constantly, while our professionalism and vast experience on the medical equipment market helps us satisfy every customer need. With our products, your working conditions and quality of medical work will grow, and so will your customer base.


Our medical equipment and furniture are made of stainless steel, titanium and aluminum and are therefore of high quality and durability. Wide assortment of goods (side tables, stainless pan supports, veterinary patient plates, anesthetic tables, drip and sterilizer drum stands, stands for buckets etc.) allows you to pick exactly what you need.


MP-Elektra’s medical equipment is patented and approved by the Russian Ministry for Health. It can be applied in almost all health care institutions. In medicine, stainless steel is almost irreplaceable, since it can stand various strong antisepticise substances and high temperatures.